Adjunct Treatment
Adjunct Treatment Consultation

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o Toradol (anti-inflammatory) medication

o B-12 Shot -$5 off when added on to any


o B-Complex (complex of 5 B Vitamins) IM


o Biotin Shot- 10mg (10,000mcg)


o Extra bag of fluids 1/2 Liter


o Extra Extra bag of fluids 1 Liter


o Glutathione Push 1, 000mg


o Glutathione Push 600 mg


o High dose Glutathione 1,500mg* after
first infusion in 500ml bag


o High dose Glutathione 2,000mg* after
first infusion in 500ml bag


o Highest dose Glutathione 3,000mg*
after first infusion in 500ml bag


o Vitamin D 100k units Intramuscular
Shot only


  • Extra Vitamin C  5,000 mg
    • $30
  • NAD+ 100 mg IM injection
    • $125 mg


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